Alicia Vaquero
English to Spanish Medical Translations

English to Spanish Professional Translator

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I am a full-time Spanish freelance translator specializing in the Medical/Life Sciences sector. My main language pair is English (UK, US) to Spanish (Castilian), but I've also translated from French and worked in other fields (technical, IT, tourism, etc.). I have experience as a Project Manager, handling translations for other language pairs for companies that request this service. I have more than 20 years' experience in translation/proofreading/editing/in-country or third-party reviewing, and over 10 years' experience in brand name analyses/linguistic surveys. Past experience as a telephone and liaison/escort interpreter. Strong interest in voice-over, audiodescription for the blind and sign language. As a professional medical translator/editor I work only in my native language, and I have passed rigorous translation screening and test procedures in order to work with various translation agencies/companies on a regular basis.


Subject Matter/Fields

Medical/Life Sciences/Healthcare

- Medical Devices (supplies & equipment) and IVD Devices

- Biotechnology, Biotherapeutics

- Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

- Genetics, Genotyping

- Dentistry, Aesthetic/Cosmetic Medicine

- Research & Development

- Software (strings & Help files)

- Interested in Nutrition & Alternative Medicine

Information Technology

- Hardware & Software Localization. Computers. Help & Readme files

- Telecommunications: CCITT based systems (Digital Data Analyzers,

  Common Channel Signalling Systems), General Product Catalog 

  (Ericsson). Nexus Catalog (Teldat). Network literature

  Satellite Transmission Systems

Consumer Products

- Electronics & Household Appliances

  Photography (Cameras and Flash Manuals)

- Interested in Natural Cosmetics


- Electronics: Video/Audio & RF Systems and Equipment for

  the Broadcast Industry. PC based Video Editing Software Manuals

  Water Treatment Industry: Redox/Oxygen/Fluoride/pH Analyzers, 

  Transmitters and their Electrodes (from French)

  Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, Alarm Systems

  Measurement Devices and Analyzers, such as Oscilloscopes and

  Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

- Railways: Equipment and Systems for the Rail Industry

Travel & Tourism

* I don't do legal, automotive, mechanical engineering, academic, literary or 

chemical texts, among others. Please check with me for other fields/subjects.


Document Types

Clinical trials/protocols, labeling & packaging, informed consent forms, information/spec sheets, data sheets, summary of product characteristics (SPC), brochures, catalogs, case studies, case report forms, patient guides, user guides, patient information leaflets (PILs), physician manuals, technical manuals, product inserts, product presentations, instructions for use (IFUs/DFUs), press releases, regulatory approval documentation, training materials, patient education booklets, questionnaires, investigator agreements, field safety notices, recall letters, bulletins/newsletters, audio tape scripts, CD-ROMs, websites.


Corresponding Member

American Translators Association, Virginia, USA

Associate Member since 1994

Corresponding Member since 1999

Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, UK

Associate Member since 1991

Registry of professional medical linguists, UK

Member since 2015

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Former Subscriber Member of the ITI,

 London, UK, from 1996 to 2005